How to Decorate a Wedding Car with Flowers

Bridal and wedding car decorations holidays is a tradition that can have results in a humorous or stylish. If you think style, then you might think to decorate the wedding cars with flowers. As with any business decor, there are many ideas. Develop accessories with flowers that match the color and style of wedding.

You can use decorative designs as follows. By organizing around an arc using a bouquet of flowers and a heart shape. Repeat to build a wreath to the trunk of a car. Position flowers on the trunk. Measure from the top of wreath through the car window back to the middle rear seat. Add 12 inches and multiply by two. Attach a bouquet of flowers as before. You will be binding on both ends in the car. Measure from the base wreath for the bumper plate, or a part of the car that the tape can be associated with. Add 12 inches and multiply by two and repeat as you did on the hood wreath.

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